Stitched Tailors is an agency in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami devoted to placing professional tailors in on-site jobs for high-fashion print, fashion designers, and television.

What makes us different from Irving’s Tailor Shop around the corner?
Stitched Tailors was started by a wardrobe stylist and a producer who continually faced problems finding professional tailors who knew on-site etiquette and had excellent, mobile production skills needed by the entertainment industry. Our agency was formed so production staff could find solutions to real-world industry challenges.

On-site services
Stitched Tailors has highly skilled production talent with experience in custom tailoring, alterations, pattern making, and fabrication. On every job, our tailors bring their own rolling kit to execute jobs at your location, be it studio, stage or even motor home. Our tailors cater to the needs and specifications of clients. Whether you’re a stylist who needs a costume built, suit altered, clothes fabricated, or draperies and cushions fitted, our tailors take the stress off your workload in time-sensitive environments.

Off-site services
Stitched Tailors also provides off-site service. This suits jobs with limited studio or location facilities. Our clients also choose this option when there’s ample lead time before shooting begins. We have tailors with studio service and industrial sewing machines for large assignments or small jobs not requiring on-site tailoring.

Other services
If you’re an art director or set designer, we have talent with experience in fabrication of panels, cushions, draping, etc. This work can be done on- or off-site depending on the size and other requirements of the job.

We carefully screen our tailors to match them with each production job. Different tailors have different strengths. Here’s a few examples of our specialized talent.

  • Remember the man-eating plant in the Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors? We’ve got the person who built it.
  • Need a three piece suit for a Jack Russell Terrier in your dog food commercial? We’ve got a woman who just creates animal clothing.
  • Searching for an elegant diva look? We’ve got the designer who creates gowns for the New York Metropolitan Opera.
  • Your client has a doll which needs to be dressed like Beyonce? We’ve got a woman who outfitted the dolls at FAO Schwarz for years.
  • Alien space suits, Hazmat gear, foreign military, period costumes? Stitched Tailors has pattern makers specializing in these things and more.

Our talent is available at day rates and for rush-basis projects. Billing is professionally executed upon the completion of each assignment in order for clients to wrap-out jobs in a timely manner.

Phone us to discuss your project in detail. Stitched Tailors is ready to service your professional needs.