A Brief Guide To The Ecological Clothing Movement

Based on mid-century manufacturing standards, there are a myriad of toxic chemicals which go into making your clothes. These chemicals affect you, they affect the environment, they affect the workers who made the clothes. Awareness of the complex problems 1950’s and 1960’s methods of manufacturing creates has paved the way for a new age of alternatives, including nontoxic textile manufacturing, clothing recycling, and sustainability and accountability in fashion.

Most of us don’t think about the impact of what we’re wearing on our own health, nor its impact on the environment’s health. But an awareness is increasing about the synthetic fabrics that have been used in the manufacture of clothing for over half a century, and the negative impact of their use. The Ethical Fashion Forum is an online resource for finding valuable information about ecological methods of manufacturing. First, here is a list of common fabrics and the toxic effects of their manufacture, which may surprise you—but will hopefully empower your choices in the future.

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