From the Tailors’ Studio: How to Measure Yourself Properly

The occasion may arise when you need to measure yourself for a pair of new pants, a shirt, or the like. Of course, any tailor is trained to do these measurements, but it’s helpful to know how to do it yourself, as well. Here are our tips on how to make your measurements accurately, and a guide on what terms and tools you will need.


You’ll need a cloth tape measure (a metal tape measure won’t work), and a pencil and paper to write down the measurements.

Take it off
You’re going to want to measure yourself against your bare skin, so remove your clothes first. You’re going to take measurements of your chest, waist, hips, and inseam, plus a few extra measurements you may need.

Don’t suck in
You want your clothes to look great on you, and this requires accurate measurements. If you’re measuring yourself, don’t suck in you belly or cheat on the measurements! This may sound silly, but you could sabotage a flattering garment in the making (or in-the-alternations) if you don’t measure accurately.

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