An Introduction To Stitched Tailors

Welcome to our new blog. We hope to provide stimulating posts about fashion, art, popular culture, and what we do in the fashion, entertainment, and advertising industries.

Jenn Weishaar, co-founder of Stitched Tailors, is a stylist in New York and Los Angeles who saw a need for access to excellent skilled tailors and seamstresses for the industry.

tailorsdummyFounded in 2007 in New York, the first client of Stitched Tailors was a commercial for Motorola Razr, directed by Michel Gondry. The costumes created and tailoring provided for this project paved the way for series of ad campaigns for Prada, Alberta Ferretti, and Vera Wang, serving top industry stylists and photographers.

Over the past six years, the range of clients we’ve worked with include designers, stylists, fashion editors, and art directors. Stitched Tailors has also worked directly with celebrities for red carpet events, tailoring gowns for the Met Gala, costumes for independent films, and on-stage costuming for performers and musicians.

We’re continuing the success of our reputation, working with the fashion, celebrity, entertainment, and advertising industries. We have many regular clients who often ask for tailors by name. Our strength is in our diversity, and we carefully pair each job with tailors qualified for the particular garment type, fabric, or drapery which needs careful attention.

First impressions are everything: the drape of a gown, the smart tailoring of a fine suit, the slim fit of a great dress shirt. The way your clothes look on your body make all the difference.

For information on how to book one of our tailors, visit our contact page or call 646-943-4525.